Services - Moorhead Access Tv

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Below are a few of the services and resources available through MCAM’s facilities:

On-Air broadcast (Live broadcast available from City Council chambers)
Camera and production equipment check out (limited with consumer equipment)
Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
Training courses
Community events – creation and play of tv announcements
and more!

MEDIA CONVERSION: MCAM can convert your home movies on Super8mm or Regular 8mm film, VHS, VHS-C, DVcam, DV, Hi-8mm, 8mm or projects on ¾” U-Matic or BetaSP (professional video) even old record albums on 33 1/3; 45rp or 78rpm as well as audio cassette (sorry, no reel to reel yet!) to digital files/DVD or whatever you like (just ask!). We charge only $15 for up to 2hours and $10/hour after with DVD’s, CD’s or flash drive copies only $5 each (includes media!). See us for more details! Film transfers slightly more due to extra care required but film is transferred to full HD 1920x1080P!

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